Smaterial - Introduction



SMaterial the open-source CSS framework which is inspired on Google's Material Design. It is build as responsive mobile first and is easily changed with SCSS variables. SMaterial is still in heavy development but do you like to help / contribute? Feel free to do here.

SMaterial responsive examples

Easy development

The framework is build with SCSS and there for easy customizable with variables. For example it's possible to switch between a light and black theme simply by changing 1 variable. For CSS there is always a prefix to prevent overwriting classes. All actions that are done by JavaScript are made in vanilla js or with jQuery so you don't need to depend on other libraries or frameworks. The use of Gulp should also speed up your development. Because SMaterial is open-source feel free to commit your additions and or problems.

User experience

Because the framework is based on Material Design users who are already familiar with Android will have no trouble getting to know your website. Because SCSS makes it possible to turn on or off components you only need to include the components you realy need. Even better SMaterial makes it possible to switch on or off individual elements of components. This means that if you only use the raised buttons you don't need to load the flat buttons which means that your CSS is smaller which means your website loads faster.